"Extraordinary is never ordinary."




Welcome to my design studio. 

I believe in living an authentic and passionate life to the fullest. It is a privilege to serve others and enhance people’s lives through my artistic creations. With this gift, I live in gratitude every day and strive to inspire and empower others, not only through my creations, but to show that to "live in style is living a life of passion", with no boundaries and timeline. Elegance comes from the inside out. I hope to convey this passion throughout my designs by telling your story an eye for every detail.  

My love for design was ignited when I was just a child. I constantly daydreamed of re-designing my home. I can thank my parents: my engineer father and creative mother exposed me to the beauty that results when meticulous details and forward ideas collide. And to this day, I credit my mother with passing me her appreciation for fine taste.

I studied interior architecture at Interior Design Institute in Newport Beach, CA. While in school, I worked for one of the top hospitality firms, Hatch Design Group, where I gained invaluable experience. My appetite to learn more about the business and product side of the industry led me to work for a lighting manufacturer, and later a high-end showroom, Donghia, in Los Angeles, where I worked alongside renowned interior designers and architects.

Today, I leverage my broad knowledge of design to help my clients differentiate themselves within their industry, discover confidence in their style, and create spaces that not only tell their story but simply feel good to be in. Between designing and inspiring, you can find me enjoying my guilty pleasures: my loved ones, travel, cappuccino and wine.  

Thank you for letting me share my creations with you.